East Texas Generator Services 

Our generator maintenance, repair, installation, and product know-how is incomparable.

Generators are not simple machines you can tinker with for a minute or two and expect them to function as expected. Whether it’s on a residential or commercial property, generators are a 4- or 5-figure investment. That’s because they’re complicated instruments with numerous peripherals that should only ever be handled by experts. That’s why at BNK, we do not stray from the strict guidelines set out by the manufacturers.

BNK works tirelessly to meet and exceed all your expectations from an East Texas generator service that reaches cities and towns like Tyler, Longview, Gladewater, Kilgore, Athens, Canton, and more.

Since 1997, we’ve gained experience and improved our expertise with every job we’ve taken. We’ve thrived in our business for so long because of our reliability, integrity, and commitment to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines. We give you peace of mind by ensuring your generator will run exactly as it was intended to for years to come.

Take a look at the various generator services we offer:

Generator Maintenance

We often compare generators to cars. Proper oil and oil changes are imperative to keeping a vehicle’s engine performing at its highest capacity.

Likewise, generators require the same level of maintenance with its many components. BNK has electricians that are certified to preserve Generac or Cummins generators so they can drive as efficiently as possible no matter what.

Generator Repairs

Few things are as stressful as a generator that dies right when you need it. Instead of throwing thousands of dollars away to purchase a new generator, or contacting someone who won’t follow the instructions laid out by the manufacturers, let BNK’s ace repairmen come fix your Generac or Cummins generator with our professional repair service.

BNK has the finest parts and tools that will make your generator run again in no time. We are also certified by Generac and Cummins to work on their generators. That means we understand their machines incredibly well and know how to professionally pinpoint and nix any issue

Generator Installation

We’re all used to the easiness of powering our electrical devices. Usually, it’s as simple as plugging it in or inserting the batteries and then using your gadget to your heart’s content. However, installing a generator is much more complex than a simple plug-in.

You don’t want just anyone to install your generator. You want BNK because we’re fully certified, licensed, and experienced to install Generac and Cummins generators of any type and size.

For over 20 years, we have skillfully installed these brands of quality generators in countless homes, businesses, educational facilities, and more with unmatched knowledge and expertise.

Generator Sales

Generators come in a variety of styles to meet a variety of needs including, home backup generators, portable generators, RV generators, Wi-Fi enabled generators, clean energy generators, industrial generators, and commercial mobile generators. Because of the wealth of options, you should place your trust in someone with comprehensive knowledge about Generac and Cummins generators.

BNK knows Generac and Cummins generators better than anyone in East Texas because of the immeasurable number of maintenance, repairs, and installation jobs we’ve administered during our decades as a reliable business. When you contact us, we’ll perform a free on-site evaluation to determine the generator that will best serve all your needs and then some.

Put the power back in your hands. Call or email BNK Generator Specialties so we can get to work on your machine right away!

Electricians in East Texas

Our electrical competence re-energizes home, businesses, and you.

We understand how hectic it can be when electrical problems strike without warning. We will travel to all corners of East Texas, including Tyler, Athens, Canton, Whitehouse, Longview, Gladewater, and more, as soon as possible to handle your electrical problems.

We’ve worked on various properties such as homes, commercial properties, new construction sites, and remodeling projects. With over four decades in the field as certified electrical contractors, we’ve completed ample jobs that have left thousands of customers happy.

We Provide the Following East Texas Electrical Services:

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