Generac Generator Maintenance Service

Power Up… When the Power is Down

You don't realize how much you need power— until you don't have power. Are you prepared if the electric grid goes down because of a storm or rolling blackouts?

Make sure your generator is in working condition with our Generac standby generator repairs. Standby units power up without disruption when you lose power. Your entire home will still have the power you need from day to day.

  • Lights
  • Refrigeration
  • Well or Sub-pump
  • Modern Electronics
  • CPAP Machine
  • Heating or AC

With BNK, the next time there is a storm and your power goes out, your home will power up.

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Generator Maintenance in east texas

Never get left in the dark. BNK offers maintenance contracts to help prevent serious problems from occurring. They keep your equipment tuned up and ready for any outage at any time.

Generator Repairs in east texas

Don't risk being unprepared. It is vital to have your Generac stand-by home generator up and running. Contact our offices today to schedule your repairs or maintenance plan.

Generator Installation in east texas

Generac Generators are one of the number one institutional generators for hospitals, financial institutions, and other significant corporations needing standby power. If they can trust Generac, you can trust Generac.

Stand by Generators for Homes

It's Not a Question of If— But When

The question is, when will the power go out the next time? With a Generac, you do not have to rely on the power company for power.

Safe Home

When the unexpected happens, you can be self-reliant with a properly running Generac Generator.

You won't have to fight to stay warm or suffer in sweltering summer temperatures.

Peace of Mind

Never worry about losing power again. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind, so your house is still a home.

When the power goes out, you can have an uninterrupted flow of power.

Save Belongings

Spoiling Food- You will have the electricity to keep your food from going bad, resulting in hundreds of dollars of lost food.

Home Flooding- With a Generac, you don't have to risk bursting pipes from freezing weather. Your home will be warm & safe.


protected home

If you have a well & sub-pump, you don't have to worry your home will still have water too.

With a Generac, your home security system will still work too.

calm & comfort

Keep your home, family, and even pets protected with your Generac Generator from BNK Services.

Peace of mind is priceless with a stand by Generac generator.

Save Life-Saving Medications

Many medications need to be refrigerated so they won't spoil. With a Generac, you don't need to worry about medications going bad.


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As a certified generator maintenance company in Tyler, TX, we have the experience and credentials to protect your generator and provide reliable home generator maintenance throughout East Texas.

Our generator tune-up checklist includes:

With BNK Services, your generator will be there when you need it most.